Clean Skin Means Healthy Skin

The Thera-Clean® Microbubble System gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast — and even allergens — to reduce odor and itching and dramatically improve therapeutic results without soaps, chemicals or abrasives.

Thera-Clean means truly clean. Our microbubbles go to a deeper level than ever before possible, enabling the deepest possible cleaning that chronic skin conditions need before they can heal.


Why does it work?

Dirt, bacteria, yeast and allergens trapped in your pets’ coat, pores and hair follicles can cause the rashes, infections and skin conditions that make your pet’s life miserable. Proven, patented Thera-Clean® Microbubble technology gets to the root of the problem with deeper cleaning to support healing.



Cubby my Shih Tzu suffers from skin allergies. So he is forever scratching at his skin or biting. So when the Pink Dig Parlor told me about the Thera-Clean Bath I figured I would give it a try. It has really helped so much and I was honestly surprised. Now he’s not scratching and I’m happy!
— April