Our Story


In the Beginning:

Michelle Kennedy began her career with pets after purchasing her first show-quality Siberian Husky in 1980. After working in obedience for several years, she began grooming in 1984 and opened her first salon with a business partner in 1988 in Latham, NY. In 2002 she decided to sell the salon to stay home with her newborn and work in youth ministry. Three years later, Michelle began grooming again in the basement of her home. In 2007 she realized there was a lack of education for pet stylists in our area and decided to open a school to fill that void. This necessitated a move out of the basement and over to Plank Road. After a time it became clear that the new facility did not meet NYS Education Department requirements; and we moved again. But the new, new facility wasn’t big enough; and we moved again. With 4,000 sq. ft. on each floor of the new, new, new facility, we should be here for awhile!

The Growing Years:

Over the years our staff has grown, too. Jenny Deyoe was a teenager in the youth group when I offered her a bathing position. She graduated high school and began learning to groom. She is now one of the most talented young stylists out there. Amanda Albright (my daughter) joined us a year after Jenny. She majored in Communications at Marist College before joining a local radio station. She now works here full-time and then works at the radio station. My husband, Michael, has now joined the staff as our Director of Operations. He’s going to keep us all in line.  At the end of March, 2013, I repurchased the salon I began in 1988 in Latham.  With this purchase our staff has once again grown to include Lori Daniel and Kerry Miller, both former students of ours.